Classical Concerts for a CureClassical Concerts for a CureClassical Concerts for a CureClassical Concerts for a Cure

Using music to help fund cancer research and empower those affected by the disease. 

About Broken Wing


About Me

My name is Dr. Leann Osterkamp. I am 28 year old Steinway Artist that has competed, performed, lectured, and taught worldwide. I am passionate about using art for the greater good. You can find out more about me at:


The Backstory

After experiencing the effects of breast cancer within my own family, I became passionate about raising funds and awareness for all victims of cancers. Music helped me cope with seeing loved ones battle the disease. I try to share the same consolation and empowerment of music with victims and their communities. 


My Mission

100% of my Broken Wing Charity recitals raise money for the Susan G. Komen Charity. My recitals are aimed at bringing communities together in solidarity and hope. The Susan G. Komen Charity supports life-saving research, treatment, education and community health programs. Please donate at

Why 'Broken Wing'?

Dragonflies are able to fly and thrive even when they have a damaged or lost wing. My best friend said that on her worst days, seeing a dragonfly gave her confidence that she could persevere. Dragonflies (not common to where she lived) would appear to her on the days she needed them most. After sharing this with me, dragonflies have had a profound impact on my own life.